Is Eureferendum Anti EU

Good news! Tycoon Paul Sykes gives UKIP millions to finance UKIP’s efforts to pull Britain out of the EU. But to some it is just another  opportunity to malign UKIP and Nigel Farage, who is to have an operation to treat back injuries caused by his air crash in 2010.

I have a great deal of time for Richard North and very much admire his research, but despair to see him stooping to the lowest form of stupid insult expected of the worst imaginable tabloid hack, something quite shocking from a so called serious blogging researcher. By making something of the fact that Mr Farages surgeon is from Indian immigrant stock, North implies almost directly that UKIP and its leader are racists. It is clear that Dr North and another blogger seem to hate UKIP and its leader so much so that they blind themselves to the fact that as Mr Sykes says, in his Telegraph interview, UKIP are the only game in town.

Richard North seems to forget the very important fact that people cannot vote for his ideas because he has not got the political vehicle available. He suggests that it would have been better if  Mr Sykes had spent his money by supporting a think tank to compete with Open Europe. As a researcher perhaps he is forgetting the fact that had Mr Sykes chosen to do so that would still leave us looking for a political vehicle in order to turn the research into votes.

Research no matter how competent does not equate to votes and we need votes to dislodge this political elites stranglehold on our political system,  that will eventually  destroy this country.

Dr North suggests we need to reform our political system to actually make it democratic this he argues will mean our leaders will be forced to take the country out of the EU in any case.
To this end he suggests that we make demands of our politicians  All good stuff, but as it stands at present, to whom will they present their demands. To Westminster or to Brussels, because although Dr North accepts the power to govern has been passed to the EU and we are now left with little more than a local government, he still seem to think presenting his demands to the local government will achieve his ends. Would it not be better to first attempt to return full powers to Westminster before making demands on Westminster to force it to become democratic.

We need votes and we need those votes now, not at some point in the future when Dr North and his friends have managed to complete their research and set up a political system, until then every time they attack UKIP they are giving credence to the idea that Eureferendum is really a quisling front for a pro EU organization.