Direct EU Taxation

Direct EU Taxation. The FOC “Myth Series” states clearly that “We control tax and social security” The Government negotiated successfully to keep a national veto over tax proposals. Social Security proposals are subject to an effective veto through a national ‘emergency brake’ mechanism allowing any Member State to refer a proposed law to the European […]

The New Privileged Class Speaks

The New Privileged Class Speaks Peter Bradley MP for The Wrekin and the parliamentary private secretary to Alun Michael, the rural affairs minister has admitted that the hunting ban was not about cruelty to animals but was a class war, a grubby attempt to hurt those, who these labour MPs believe are the aristocracy. “Now […]

The Police Use of UK anti-terror laws…

This from Euan MacDonald TransAtlantic Assembly: “If you’ve nothing to hide, then you’ve nothing to fear” runs the popular, logically-suspect response to those who worry over the civil liberties implications of the current raft of new powers that have been awarded to police recently. This argument is, of course, as spurious as it is superficially […]

Gone Native

News: “Peter Mandelson, the EU trade commissioner, is involved in his first dispute with the Government since taking up his post after backing calls for a multibillion-euro boost to the EU budget. Mr Mandelson has defied British demands for a freeze on EU spending by supporting plans by his new boss, Jose Manuel Barroso, the […]

When politicians Break Their Own Laws

Telegraph | News | Christopher Booker’s Notebook: Christopher Booker in the Telegraph asks the question who will arrest the “Who arrests the Prime Minister for this crime? A rather outrageous suggestion one may think, but one that is very much in the thoughts of many of us, as we see our politicians continually breaking, not […]

EUsceptic comment

The Telegraph hits the jackpot with EUsceptic comment this Easter Monday, with this article below Daniel Hannan`s comment that you might as well vote for Duck a for all the diference it makes and David Rennie report on Blairs dishonesty over the EU Budget Impoverished by the EU (Filed: 17/04/2006) A billion here, a billion […]

Beetroots and voting

This made me laugh and its true check it out. “What can these blogs do? Well, thanks to the mechanics of search engines (something about which I know nothing), blogs get noticed very quickly. Do a search for “Europhobia” in Google, this site comes top. (For some reason if you do a search for “beetroots” […]

The parties are asking us for a lifeline – well, let them sweat

Not a penny more of public money should be directed at propping up Britain’s political parties. For 20 years they have conspired to reduce public participation in democracy. Now they are paying the inevitable price — depressed membership, reduced income and falling election turnouts. To demand that the taxpayer reward them for this exclusivity with […]

Blair benefits from two-tier health system

Off Subject But.. Adam Smith Institute: “By Dr Eamonn Butler Health Tony Blair’s had his minor heart operation and is apparently in fine fettle, so good luck to him. Remarkable, though, how our leading politicians seem to get treated so quickly while the rest of us NHS patients have to wait. ‘Unlike Tony, I’m still […]

Re-Writing the Constitution

EU Referendum on news today in both the Independent and the Guardian that the treaty will have to be re-written if Turkey is ever allowed in the Union. Although GISCARD D’ESTAING would like his monument to EU integration to stand for fifty years, as a mark of his undoubted self beatification there is absolutely no […]