Direct EU Taxation

Direct EU Taxation.

The FOC “Myth Series” states clearly that “We control tax and social security”
The Government negotiated successfully to keep a national veto over tax proposals. Social Security proposals are subject to an effective veto through a national ’emergency brake’ mechanism allowing any Member State to refer a proposed law to the European Council (the body composed of national heads of state/government) for decision by consensus.

Of course, this means that direct taxation should specifically be out of bounds to the ECJ, according to the treaties. But it’s clear from the number of cases the Commission has brought recently, that both the Court and Commission are intent on brushing that rule aside.

Their ultimate aim is nothing less than pan-European Union tax harmonisation. They even have a Commissioner for duties and taxes Laszlo Kovacs, who is pushing to harmonize rules on VAT among the new and old member states of the EU.… Read the rest

The New Privileged Class Speaks

The New Privileged Class Speaks

Peter Bradley MP for The Wrekin and the parliamentary private secretary to Alun Michael, the rural affairs minister has admitted that the hunting ban was not about cruelty to animals but was a class war, a grubby attempt to hurt those, who these labour MPs believe are the aristocracy.

“Now that hunting has been banned, we ought at last to own up to it: the struggle over the Bill was not just about animal welfare and personal freedom, it was class war”. “Labour governments have come and gone and left little impression on the gentry. But a ban on hunting touches them. It threatens their inalienable right to do as they please on their land. For the first time, a decision of a Parliament they don’t control has breached the lodge gates”.
“The old order is going, but its values continue to dominate the Tory belief system.… Read the rest

The Police Use of UK anti-terror laws…

This from Euan MacDonald TransAtlantic Assembly: “If you’ve nothing to hide, then you’ve nothing to fear” runs the popular, logically-suspect response to those who worry over the civil liberties implications of the current raft of new powers that have been awarded to police recently. This argument is, of course, as spurious as it is superficially rhetorically appealing; we should therefore be grateful that the UK force seems intent on doing its utmost to demonstrate this by making use of their new powers in situations that can only be described as absurd.

Tony Blair cannot have been pleased, for example, to learn that the public relations nightmare that surrounded the ejection of an octogenarian from the recent Labour Party Conference, for heckling the Prime Minister over Iraq, was to be made worse by the police reaction to his attempts to return to the conference hall. They detained him under the “stop and search” powers of the Terrorism Act of 2000; this, of course, was “intended” to allow police to detain suspected terrorists for the purpose of searching them.… Read the rest

Gone Native

News: “Peter Mandelson, the EU trade commissioner, is involved in his first dispute with the Government since taking up his post after backing calls for a multibillion-euro boost to the EU budget.

Mr Mandelson has defied British demands for a freeze on EU spending by supporting plans by his new boss, Jose Manuel Barroso, the European Commission president, to expand its budget.

His stance puts him on collision course with Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, the Chancellor, and Jack Straw, the Foreign Secretary – all of whom want a ceiling on future EU spending to be set at 1 per cent of gross national income for 2007-13.

Mr Mandelson said: ‘It is very important for the Commission to know where it is going. Great demands are placed on us. Those who place the demands also have the responsibility to willing the means.

‘If they want that combination of reform which means [economic] adjustment, they also have to will the support and assistance for that adjustment through reasonable social spending, structural fund spending, regional policy and rural development policy.'”

What do they expect as a British Minister Mandelson swore allegiance to the crown, now as an EU commissioner he has broken that oath and sworn allegiance to the EU.… Read the rest

When politicians Break Their Own Laws

Telegraph | News | Christopher Booker’s Notebook:

Christopher Booker in the Telegraph asks the question who will arrest the “Who arrests the Prime Minister for this crime? A rather outrageous suggestion one may think, but one that is very much in the thoughts of many of us, as we see our politicians continually breaking, not only the British Constitution but even the laws they themselves made.

If we simply allow our rulers to rule with no respect for the law, then we are well on the way to tyranny. Someone, I forget who said that it is the electorate that keeps an MP honest, and the knowledge that they can be voted out of office at the next election, but I would disagree with that. In these days the top ones in the club all stick together and look after themselves, just look at the last two EU commissioners both now safely ensconced in the House of Lords, with their big fat pensions paid for by the tax payer, both of them were soundly rejected by the British electorate.… Read the rest