Democracy Slides in Greece

Somebody posed the question – can democracy work within a monetary union – This in reference to the Greek tragedy, the referendum and the disagreeable choices facing the people of Greece, when it boils down to either give up your democracy or leave the Eurozone and the EU. Perhaps that is not the best question, […]

Pigs Might Fly

Number 10 sources said that the Government would look to offer “credible assurances” to the rebels that the purdah period would not be abused by civil servants to try to swing the vote in favour of a vote to stay in the EU. One said ministers were “in listening mode”, adding: “The reason we are […]

Purdah and Voting

Chris Davies MP House of Commons LONDON SW1A 0AA 9/6/15 Dear Chris The Government is planning to change the rules on ‘purdah’, being the usual restrictions on government activity shortly before an election or referendum vote. These rules are designed to ensure public bodies cannot use their influence or public money to sway the result. […]

Straws in the Wind

For a long time I have argued with left wing devotees that their support for the EU is a contradiction of their core beliefs. I have often wondered what convoluted thinking could lead them to support an organisation that is the playing field for their natural enemies like big international business and fraudulent bankers. Now […]

An EU Neverendum

A recent press story suggested that supporters of the ‘Out’ side in the upcoming referendum are already planning to argue, in the event of an ‘In’ vote, that a further referendum must be held again within a few years. From EU Law Analysis I think you have missed the main point about a call for […]

A Little Local Trouble

One of the demands made by the new group vying for leadership of the ” EU NO” Campaign, Conservatives for Britain (CfB), is to make the British Parliament sovereign over EU laws. But such a demand is not within the gift of the EU, it was the British parliament that voted by a massive majority […]

First Choose your Destination

“There are other points where we have a different opinion, but we have always been able also to pursue a Europe at different speeds, to find opt-out solutions for example.” “We have always been able to pursue a Europe (EU) of different speeds” so says Angela Merkel! But that is the whole point is it […]

A United States of Europe

I have been told the EU is not heading towards a United States of Europe this claim  is based on nothing more than a single comment made by Jean-Claude Juncker. Jean-Claude Juncker is an arch federalist who wants deeper integration and intends to continue to remove National powers from member states. He said: “So the […]

Charlie Hebdo

I seems to me that the Charlie Hebdo affair is further evidence that Islam is demanding that even non believers in a secular society follow their dogma. Freedom of speech debates are in fact a red herring, the radicals complaint is about disrespect for their religion, we cannot have both a secular society and laws […]

Debating V Real Life

Two Labourite debating champions James Dray and Lewis Iwu think they can debate Nigel Farage and not only that they believe with their help Ed Miliband  can beat him. They advise him  that he should to not run away from debate with Farage but identify his pressure points and exploit them mercilessly. Ed should then go […]